Business is good, increased orders, more customers, and transaction volumes are growing, but your user capabilities and database capacities are reaching the current performance threshold of your SAP environment.

As your business grows, or acquires business assets through company mergers/acquisition, so do the requirements of your SAP systems, which demand changes and upgrades to hardware, OS and/or database platform changes.

DCC’s expert SAP OS/DB team, along with SAP Basis Support, uses cutting-edge tools to make your migration flawless. Extensive SAP experience combined with countless installations and upgrades is the reason why DCC is a trusted member of SAP’s Extended Business Program:

  • Re-design Your Current IT Infrastructure
  • Increase Operational Efficiencies
  • Re-organize Your Database & Backup Systems
  • Replace or Consolidate Hardware & Servers
  • Improve Performance & Reliability
  • Increase Future Scalability
  • Enhance Data Availability
  • Expert Migration Landscape Project Plan
  • Coordination With SAP Support
  • Technical Support, Tuning & Optimization
  • Migration Monitor
  • Distribution Monitor
  • Incremental Migration
  • Preparation, Test & Final Migration

We know SAP migrations can be stressful because you are moving your core business data. Our experience from countless successful SAP OS/DB migrations will make yours a breeze.